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Ways of knowing you and your partner are in an “exclusive” relationship…

Getting the man’s perspective no holds barred is priceless!

A “relationship” is any union that connects more than one person. From the moment you meet & connect with someone, you now have a “relationship”. The titles of some relationships need to be communicated, while others don’t. In order for there to be a clear understanding of a romantic relationship, both parties should at some point communicates and define exactly what it is. Whenever someone earns a new position in your life, they should be given a title. When parents give birth to a boy, they call him “son”. When a couple gets married, they call one another husband and wife. These titles help identify their roles in each other’s lives.  

Anytime you allow a man to earn a significant place in your life, he should be given a title that publicly identifies his position. The key piece to this puzzle is earning the position/title, as opposed to being

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